„STYLE CNC machines conquers Friesland”

Stuiver Draai- en Freeswerk B.V. & REMA Environmental Machinery

More and more Frisian entrepreneurs from the metal and plastics industry are opting for a STYLE machine. Where the Frisians used to be very loyal to their machine suppliers, more and more are turning and opting for the complete picture of STYLE CNC Machines. STYLE has rightfully grown into a reliable partner in the machining industry, also in Friesland.

Also Stuiver Toer- en Freeswerk B.V. chose various STYLE machines. They turn and mill various machine parts with the machines in steel, stainless steel and plastic. In January 2011, Doeke Holtrop took over the company from the Stuiver family. Mr. Holtrop, JD Engineers, has been a loyal customer of Stuiver Turning and Freeswerk from Friesland for 10 years. “In addition to machining operations, you can also contact JD Engineers for welding, drilling, tapping, wire cutting, keyway grooving and broaching. Quality, delivery time and price are well balanced and one of the spearheads of our company is being able to respond directly to the wishes of the customer, ”said Mr. Holtrop. “We are flexible and have short delivery times. Customization is also provided. What is defective and no longer available can be repaired or copied. Constructions can be devised and made in collaboration with the customer. In short, we think along with you for suitable solutions. ”

The company’s philosophy applies directly to the work they do: „We don’t beat around the bush and mill the worst.” In addition, Stuiver thinks: 'Sis just wat jo dogge, mar but wat jo sizze’ (don’t say what you do but do what you say). The company has kept up with the times by purchasing modern CNC machines, but “old-fashioned” manual work can also be supplied.

Case STYLE in Friesland
klantcase style in Friesland

Mr. Holtrop, owner Stuiver says: “Stuiver is a supplier of the shipbuilding industry to indirectly the aircraft industry. The local bicycle repairer also comes along and we are also allowed to supply the largest steam pumping station in the world in Lemmer from time to time by manufacturing parts for it. There was once started with one conventional bank, which is still doing its job. To respond faster to the competition, a CNC bank has been purchased. There are now three CNC lathes, one CNC milling machine and the latest investment is the STYLE MC 1500 machining center. “We chose STYLE machines because the previous owner already had a STYLE machine. We make single pieces and small series and were very satisfied with the machine. We are also flexible with this and we dare to make certain parts and workpieces that others would not dare ”, says mr. Holtrop. „In addition, the advantage is that eight employees can work on the STYLE machines due to the simplicity of the controls.”

The values ​​of STYLE
When purchasing a STYLE machine, we completely unburden the customer. Our salesman for the Northern Netherlands, Erwin Koelewijn, explains: “We want to unburden our customer as much as possible. I like to take a look at the factory to see exactly what the customer does and which products he wants to make on the machine. ” This is followed by advice tailored to the wishes of the customer and the ideal machine is put together. After purchasing a STYLE machine, the process is started. The customer receives a preparation document explaining exactly what preparations the customer must make. After the machine has been built, our logistics department will contact you for the transport of the machine. Often a technician comes along with the transport to put the machine into use and training is given almost immediately to the operator of the machine. Erwin says: „It is very pleasant to work in this way and you immediately give the customer clarity, no hassle afterwards and everyone knows where they stand.”

A second customer from beautiful Friesland is REMA Environmental Machinery from Ferwerd. REMA develops and produces machines for the agriculture and green sector. A mechanical leaf extractor (chemistry-free leaf destruction) for potato cultivation is the showpiece. This machine is sold all over the world.

Almost the entire production of the machine is outsourced, except for the turning and the assembly of the complete machine. “We do the turning ourselves to keep the quality as high as possible and the production time as low as possible. In addition, we develop many (prototype) machines where flexibility and speed in adjustments are important, ”says engineer Wilko Regnerus, who owns REMA with his brother Piet.

The Regnerus brothers have their roots in agriculture. “REMA originated from contract work, contracting and construction history. The drive to build machines that make a major contribution to sustainability and a safe food supply are the starting point here.

In October 2018 they received their first STYLE machine. “We are completely new to machining. First we looked at a used machine, but quickly saw that the adjustability of this can be quite complex. That’s how we ended up at STYLE because of its simple and intuitive operation. The high capacity and flexibility for small series and single-piece parts were also decisive. ” Since the Regnerus brothers had no experience with turning, they wanted to get the „craft” out of the machining as much as possible. Because all engineering is done in-house and machines are also built in series, they wanted to automate the turning work as much as possible. The STYLE 510 equipped with tool change offers the solution. “Style is a Dutch company with excellent support and they are very cooperative. In addition, the service is top! ”

Machining: From craft to STYLE!