„Peaplastics: the added value of customization”


The application of technological developments in the manufacture of plastic semi-finished products to end products is central to Peaplastics.

Peaplastics B.V. is a well-known company in plastics processing where the customer’s wishes always come first. They specialize in the processing, manufacture and supply of high-quality plastic semi-finished products to end products. We are in talks with Harald Schellekens, co-owner of Peaplastics.

“PEA Plastics is a reliable partner that can deliver quickly and is very flexible in the production process,” says Harald. “We have a very diverse customer base, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, but also the food industry. You can imagine that it is important for them to be flexible and deliver high quality ”. In addition to processing and processing the usual plastic raw materials such as POM, PTFE (Teflon), Plexiglass, PVC, nylon, PES and PEEK, PEA is also able to process and transform high-quality raw materials such as Torlon, PSU and PEI as desired into the desired end product. Customer satisfaction is central, just like with STYLE. Together we do not believe in impossibilities, but in functional solutions for all customer requirements.

There are now five machines (December 2017, ed.) In the machine park, two smaller lathes, a 510 lathe and a BT1500 milling machine. “We once started with conventional turning and milling, until our customers wanted to have more and more advanced products produced. The conventional machines could no longer guarantee the difficult contours, so we switched to CNC machines. Saving time of course also played a major role, ”explains Harald. “We came across STYLE at the fair and were charmed by the easy-to-understand software and good service. It is very easy to program, you can see what you are making on your drawing screen! ”Laughs Harald. “However, some buttons could be in a different position, making it even simpler”. They also have nothing to complain about the service, the customer support clearly takes the time to resolve the inconveniences.

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In short: a wonderful company specialized in plastics with an eye for detail, the customer and the future.

Interested in how Peaplastics works with its machines?