„From repair company to market leader in trapezoidal thread”

Machinefabriek Harderwijk

Machinefabriek Harderwijk BV combines machining supply with a special specialism: production of trapezoidal screw thread.

Market leader in the Netherlands
Machinefabriek Harderwijk started as a repair company and later converted by Karel Prakken into the machine factory as it is today. By working the market on the basis of demand and not on the basis of their own production possibilities, they have become a well-known name in the manufacturing industry. „With over 3,000 customers throughout Europe, more than half of which are in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are the market leader in the production of trapezoidal thread,” says Karel Prakken.

One of the first machines was the STYLE lathe because it required a little bit of serial work and light conventional work. “I came into contact with STYLE through a colleague who had a separate STYLE software cabinet. It worked simply and I immediately went to see the production in Bunschoten. I was immediately enthusiastic and bought a STYLE, „Karel explains. They have now exchanged the first lathe for a new one and it has also been given a beautiful place in the new machine factory. The machinery is up to date and MFH also delivers the high quality that customers demand with unmanned operation. However, MFH’s specialty is whirling screw threads.

klantcase machinefabriek harderwijk
klantcase machinefabriek harderwijk

“I opted for a STYLE at the time because the price-quality ratio is very good. We often need a large opening for our products. The machine has good CNC accuracy, can be repeated and, above all, it is easy to operate ”, says Karel. “We are also very happy with the service department. Fortunately, we made little use of it, but the few times it was necessary it went perfectly. Of course you are around the corner, but parts are always in stock, so we never have to wait long. Other machine suppliers can learn something from this! In short, perfect! ”, Says Karel with a big smile. The new, large open hall (opened at the end of 2017, ed.) Gives a powerful feeling of space in which the machines are neatly arranged. The special lamps provide a sea of ​​light so that employees have a good view of the machines and the material. “The last machines and some stock will also be moved before the end of 2017 and we can start fresh in 2018,” laughs Jochem. Karel: „With the construction of this new factory hall, the latest technology and a clean working environment, we hope to set an example for the industry.”

It is nice to see that companies such as Machinefabriek Harderwijk combine their craftsmanship and expertise with a healthy dose of humor. And we are grateful for their confidence in STYLE!

Machining thread

Swirling a thread is a machining operation. The main machining movement is a milling operation. The tool encircles the slow rotating axis at high speed. The chisels cut the desired profile in the shaft in 1 pass. The operation is relatively young and technically very complicated. Machinefabriek Harderwijk has several wire whirling machines.