„All-round metalworking and plastic processing: think of it and they make it

Maalderink Metaal V.O.F.

A warm family business with a varied range of customization

Making your hobby your job
After a happy reception with two wagging 'guard dogs’, we took a seat in the canteen at Maalderink Metaal VOF . A family business that was founded in January 2000, more than 17.5 years ago. Freek Maalderink, owner, started out as an electrician. After working at a machine factory and as a maintenance technician at a construction company, it was time to start for themselves.

In September 2005 the first employee, a turner, was hired. After that, things went quickly: every year a new machine was bought and a new staff member was hired every two years. “As an all-round metal company, we are now specialized in all processing of metal and plastic,” says Freek. “We are flexible, multi-skilled and do not shy away from a challenge. It is precisely the research into how we can make the product as good as possible that gives satisfaction. ” They have now built up a loyal clientele, but everyone is actually welcome.

Maalderink Metaal machine
Maalderink machine BT 1500

Material becomes product
In 2015 they bought their first STYLE machine. A lathe 510 x 1350 to serve their customers even better in single pieces and small series. The „new” second-hand milling machine happened to hit Maalderink’s path. They bought the machine unseen because the trust in our dealer Dimatech is so good.

Maalderink Metaal supplies a total product. Their customers can contact them for all the necessary activities. From the drawings to the assembly. Actually, no type of material is too crazy and they are distinguished by craftsmanship and customization.

They have extremely advanced machinery and have their own transport. “We always guarantee quality,” says Freek.

The first impression really counts
“If anyone ever doubts whether to buy a STYLE machine, I say, 'just do it!’ They are high-quality machines with a simple, well thought-out control system made by a Dutch company ”, laughs Freek. “I heartily recommend it to everyone. Any problems are solved quickly and professionally.”